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How Much A Nigerian Senator Earns?



Legislators in Nigeria earn quite a huge some of money when compared to other politicians around the world. Most times, this has caused displeasure among the citizens.

Recently, a popular business man and legislator, Akin Alabi is under fire from tweeps for reporting what is assumed to be a sum lower than the usually expected multimiliion naira monthly salary.

Legislators earn ₦ 9, 000,000 Monthly with allowances and , ₦ 700, 000 without allowances according to the senator.

He had promised to report the exact amount senators take home monthly as shown below where he is reminded by a twitter user of his promises:

Akin Alabi delivered his promises to Nigerians by reporting his earning after 30 days in office as shown below:

However, most Nigerians are not happy with him over his alleged tweet stating Nigerians want free train tickets this festive period.

Various reactions were made to his tweet, but the self acclaimed transparent senator seems unbothered by the harsh criticism.

Here is a timeline of tweets for you:

Most users think the criticism is unfair. Let us ahev your take. Do you think Akin Alabi is sincere or not?

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